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Since a view months the internet’s going absolutely bananas trying to figure out whether it’s more fun to go pro or against Apple’s new iOS 7 design.

And YESS – I really have to admit, when i saw the style of iOS7 for the first time i also thought about „Whoaa – too much“, „Ouuch – these gradients do not work“, „Apple, what have you done?“ but after 30 minutes i finally began to understand what’s going on here..

I’ve collected some different thoughts about iOS7 from and MIT Technology Review who show apparently the difference in so called designers thinking – What happened with iOS7? <-> Skeuomorphism’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated <-> Surf Pop: Apple’s Stylistic Return to California <-> Why Jony Ive Shouldn’t Kill Off Apple’s Skeuomorphic Interfaces

John Pavlus, one of the authors, claims in his quite reasonable researched article:

Apple’s design chief dislikes UIs that mimic physical objects, but iOS wouldn’t be the world-changing juggernaut it is without them.

YES, I agree! – But, to be absolutely honest – I also hate never understood this kind of semi realistic UIs! So the point is – this kind of skeuomorphism isn’t useful for modern mobile touchable devices – it simply leads to believe or mimics a haptic experience that can’t be realistic transmitted through a flat surface – therefore it will never feel real and fairly fakes the users senses.

Erik Spiekermann has something to say too, but I disagree when he argues against Helvetica Ultraleicht. I got his point and there is no doubt, this man normally knows what he’s speaking about – but, „13px Fließtext in Helvetica Ultraleicht“ scheine ich bisher in iOS7 übersehen zu haben und klingt wie ein wenig aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen. Das was ich gesehen habe, wirkt, meiner Meinung nach und scheinbar ganz im Gegensatz zu Hrn. Spiekermann, auf Retina Displays und in Headlines gesetzt, selbst in relativ kleinen Schriftgrößen, sehr clean und so modern, dass es „perlt“! What ever he ment by that frase!

Back To Basics

Es ist nicht ganz einfach zu verstehen wie der neue Style von iOS7 funktioniert. Man sollte sich, wie es Andric Tham so schön schreibt, jedenfalls schon mal mit Surf Pop anfreunden. Nachdem man dies getan hat, findet man dann auch iOS7 ganz lecker und sieht es wie Sir Jonathan Ive:

Design is how it works, not how it looks!

I guess it will work! core.c3labs

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